Ronnie Rose

In his early teens, Ronnie’s love of jazz was influenced by such diverse guitarists as Bucky Ronnie Rose with Benedetto Bravo and Carino-10 Clearwater FL 11-28-2014Pizzarelli, Kenny Burrell and Wes Montgomery. Recognized for playing chord melody lines and substituting and extending chords, he has been fortunate during his 45 year career to jam with great musicians such as Johnny Bennett (brother of Tony Bennett and Ron’s godfather) and Russell Malone.


Ronnie plays a BRAVO model with a Benedetto Carino-10 amplifier.

Ronnie Rose Interview

Ronnie Rose Bob Benedetto in Ocala FL 5-28-14 aka The Blessed Rose DuoRonnieRoseSignsTwo GuitarBacks with Bob Benedetto 9-26-12Ronnie Rose Bob Benedetto play Clint Hasse 7-String Benedetto Guitars Savannah GA May 2011Ronnie Rose Howard Paul Bob Benedetto May 19 2011 Benedetto Guitars Savannah GARonnieRose_BravoS1586 6-29-11 Benedetto Guitars Savannah GARonnie Rose signs Benedetto Guitars Backs 9-26-12 Savannah GA with Bob BenedettoRonnie Rose Joe Pollari Clearwater Guitar Gallery 1981Benedetto Players Ronnie Rose and Joe Pollari June 2014Bob Benedetto and Ronnie Rose Feather Sound Country Club Clearwater FL 12-12-14 with Carino-10 Benedetto amps

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