16-B Custom Birdseye

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16-B Birdseye Antiqueburst! We have found it increasing more difficult S2174 16B Birdseye(BB) main picto locate Birdseye Maple suitable for carving backs for archtop guitars. The price has skyrocketed and much of the better woods go into the manufacture of furniture veneers. So this is indeed a rare instrument for us to produce for Bob’s Boutique.

This 16-B model includes a lovely Birdseye Maple two-piece matched back, with matching Birdseye sides and neck! The top is an old Sitka Spruce top we’ve been sitting on for years waiting for the right guitar (Birdseye maple is bright, so the character of the Sitka warms up the tone). It has lovely flamed European maple binding throughout, a unique burled maple faceplate and heel cap with turquoise recon-stone “inclusions” in the burl, a B-6 pickup and EPS Tailpiece (as on our Bravo Deluxe), and upgraded gold Gotoh Delta 510 tuners.

(Photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_FtHk2_052914S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_BkHk_052914S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_Heel_052914S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_12thInlay3_052914S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_FtFl5_052914 largerS2174 16B Birdseye back view larger16-B custom birdseye Benedetto Serial #S2174 homepage banner 6-11-2014S2174 16B Birdseye(BB)_Lbl2_052914 rotatedDSCN8578

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