Plumburst One-off

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If you have always wanted a one-of-a-kind guitar AND a handmade 17” acoustic archtop, here is the opportunity of a lifetime. This truly unique instrument began its life as a 17” x 3” Fratello Model. Somewhere along the way, Bob decided to have some fun with it. He gave it a non-standard neck scale of 25 ½”, stylized S-holes similar to his Bravo model, a flared headstock with abalone and pearl Deco inlay, gold Imperial tuners, and a marvelous Plum colored finish reminiscent of the custom color requested by Benedetto Player Andreas Oberg. The amazing guitar has the remarkable and singular voice only Bob Benedetto can coax out of European select maple and spruce, and the feel that inspired three generations of jazz guitarists to perform at the top of their game.

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