Flashback Friday goes back nearly 20 years to November 1996 for the Smithsonian’s iconic exhibit. Bob Benedetto shown here demonstrating how a guitar is made to some aspiring luthiers!

The Smithsonian Institution’s November 1996 exhibit: ELECTRIFIED, AMPLIFIED & DEIFIED: The Electric Guitar, Its Makers and Its Players

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Rodney JonesHoward Paul recently had great visit with Rodney Jones at Juilliard in NY. Rodney’s one the world’s great jazz guitarists, and in addition to his extensive background in television, theater and studio recording, he’s on the faculty at both Juilliard and The Manhattan Conservatory of Music. Wow!

We are proud to announce he will soon join our family as the newest Benedetto Player once we complete his Bambino Deluxe!


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WMIJGCThe finale of the Wes Montgomery International Jazz Guitar Competition was held this Saturday, October 10, in New York City, and the talent was beyond impressive! In the end, it was Pasquale Grasso, who came out on top. He’s photographed here with his grand prize, a Pat Martino Signature Model Benedetto guitar alongside (LtoR) Howard Paul, Mark Whitfield, Pat Martino, and competing finalists Roland Balogh, Michael Valeanu, and Dan Wilson (Lucian Gray not pictured).

Pasquale was born in Italy and began guitar at a very young age.  His principle instruction was with Chuck Wayne’s student and jazz guitar innovator, Agostino Di Giorgio.  Another extraordinary influence in Grasso’s career has been bebop piano master and world-renowned jazz educator, Barry Harris.

In 2008, Pasquale pursued classical guitar studies in the Music Conservatory of Bologna under Professor Walter Zanetti. During his time at the conservatory, Grasso developed a new approach to the guitar, combining classical tradition with Chuck Wayne’s modern technique.

In 2012, Grasso moved to New York City and quickly made a name for himself in the city’s vibrant jazz scene. Grasso became part of the Ari Roland Quartet and the Chris Byars Quartet, performing in clubs, music festivals and recording in the studio regularly. Later that year, Pasquale was named a Jazz Ambassador with the US Embassy, going on to tour extensively across Europe, Kuwait, Kazakstan, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Ukraine, among others.

Despite his young age, Grasso has performed with many leading musicians of the international jazz scene such as: Barry Harris, Charles Davis, Freddie Redd, Frank Wess, Leroy Wiliams, Ray Drummond, Murray Wall, Steve Grossman,Tardo Hammer, Jimmy Wormworth, John Mosca, Sacha Perry, Ari Roland, Luigi Grasso, Chris Byars, Zaid Nasser, Bucky Pizzarelli, China Moses, Harry Allen Quartet, Grant Stewart, Stepko Gut, Nicolas Dary, Dado Moroni, Agostino di Giorgio, Michel Pastre Big Band, Gianni Basso Big Band, Joe Cohn, Oscar Zenari, Luca Pisani.

All in all, it was an evening of stunning performances!

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Clemson Guitar FestivalBenedetto Friends! If you’re in the area, don’t forget the First Annual Clemson Jazz Guitar Festival, October 15-16, 2015, in Clemson, South Carolina.

Clemson University‘s Monty Craig is putting together a terrific weekend of masterclasses, workshops, recitals and performances that include a number of Benedetto players and owners: Bert, Ligon, L.H. Dickert, Jerry Sims, Steve Watson, and our own Howard Paul and UNF Professor/Benedetto Player Barry Greene. Howard will have a few extra Benedettos on hand to demo throughout the weekend.

Don’t miss it!!!

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S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FV5_100915We’re sneaking this red beauty into Bob’s Boutique hot on the heels of the Bamboono we made available last week! 16″ x 2-1/2″ with 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut, B6 pickup, maple neck, laminated back, solid sides and a laminated spruce top with a non-standard Claret finish — a gorgeous dark red, similar to wine (which we love as you know)! $6500 includes hard shell case.

Contact Jared at jstubbs@benedettoguitars.com or 912.692.1400 to purchase.

S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FF5_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BF4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FC5_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BC4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FH1_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BH4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BV1_100915

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S2299 BambinoAB_FC4_TimothyLehiPeters_100615This antiqueburst Bambino is en route to California – we shipped it out this week! This model guitar is lightweight and compact with a 14-½” making it easily manageable when traveling. It features a laminated maple top and back, a maple neck shaped for playing comfort as only a Benedetto can be. With two chrome plated Benedetto A–6 pickups, it’s all you’ll ever need!

S2299 BambinoAB_FV2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_FC4_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BC2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BF2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BH3_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_FH2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615

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Benedetto Player Andreas Varady at the Festival Tzigane a’ Tjibaou 2011 with his Cinnamon Pearl Bambino Deluxe.

Photo by latourinfernal via flickr from the exotic locale of New Caledonia.

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Pat Martino new guitar Oct 2015That would be about 750 miles and an entire day on the road for Howard Paul and our Master Luthier Damon Mailand to visit Pat Martino in Philadelphia as he tries out his newest guitar! This latest Pat Martino Signature Model guitar hasn’t been stained yet – just a sealing coat until we can get it just right! Damon brought the tools to custom shape the final neck dimensions.

Pat Martino Oct 2015 new guitar with Damon Mailand
Damon Mailand Pat martino Oct 2015
Damon Mailand and Pat Martino Oct 2014

Howard Paul and Pat Martino Oct 2015

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S2303 BambinoDlxHB_FV4_IbrahimBurki_092815This Bambino Deluxe in our honey blonde finish has a compact 14 ½” body, flamed maple veneer top, maple back & neck, modern sound holes, gold hardware, A-6 pickup and deluxe binding to the body, neck and headstock. This beauty is headed to our Prez/CEO Howard Paul’s college dorm mate who’s made his way to Dubai!

S2303 BambinoDlxHB_FF3_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_BF1_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_FC6_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_BC2_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_FH7_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_BH3_IbrahimBurki_092815S2303 BambinoDlxHB_Lbl1_IbrahimBurki_092815

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S2292 BravoAUB_FC_MaurizioMarchet_093015This Bravo Model features a custom Autumnburst finish (not standard for Bravo). Otherwise standard, the Bravo is a 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, laminated spruce top and maple back, solid maple sides, A6 gold pickup and Gotoh tuners, 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut width, and all ebony appointments.

This guitar is off to Italy!

S2292 BravoAUB_FV_MaurizioMarchet_093015S2292 BravoAUB_FF_MaurizioMarchet_093015S2292 BravoAUB_BF_MaurizioMarchet_093015_edited-1S2292 BravoAUB_BC_MaurizioMarchet_093015S2292 BravoAUB_FH_MaurizioMarchet_093015S2292 BravoAUB_BH1_MaurizioMarchet_093015S2292 BravoAUB_Lbl_MaurizioMarchet_093015

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