Our longtime friend and BGer Joe Guerra (left, with BAMBINO) with Joe Cassano (with BAMBINO DELUXE), posing for their duo “Two Cups a Joe” in Pennsylvania.

A note from Joe G: “Myself and my friend Joe Cassano, also known as 2 cups ‘a’ Joe…a title given to us by a Big Band singer who sang in the group “Moonlight on the Poconos”.
“Joe Cassano grew up in Long island and was a NYC Policeman until his retirement in 1998. He has always played Guitar, studying with Lew Monty (who also taught Jack Wilkins)…. [‘I think: O hell, he is the tall one’].”

Joe Guerra studied with two Jersey luminaries: Eddie Berg  and Harry Leahy and adds “I have been playing Benedettos since I could walk (OK OK..A little exaggeration).”  🙂

Thanks for the great photos, “Joes”!

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