Jazz Jeepers & Party Peepers!

Happy Guests at Howard & Patty Paul’s Jazz Party Sept. 23rd (from top): Bassist Ben Tucker chats with Andreas Oberg while a smiling Mark Stovall looks on; Bassist George Sheck with wife Gail; John Evangelista, Rodman Marymor, Howard Paul, Vintner Dave Miner, Miner Wines; Patty & Howard Paul; Beth Ballance (center) with friends; Bob Benedetto, Jody Espina (Jody Jazz) with his wife Bree, and Dr. Sandy Termotto; Ed Benson (Publisher of Just Jazz Guitar) with Sally Krissman.  🙂

Special thanks to Howard & Patty for the great bash and to Dave Miner for the vino! Cheers!

(Me? Behind the camera of course!)

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