Benedetto Guitar Night at THE JAZZ KITCHEN –  the quintessential jazz supper club in Indianapolis.
Sat., Oct. 9, 2010  8 & 10 p.m.

Top: Guitarist Frank Steans with custom Blue Bravo Deluxe.  

Promo for the Gig: Say it with me, Oprah-style: Everybody gets a guitar! Well, no, just the performers, and just for the night. But Howard Paul, internationally-acclaimed guitarist and CEO of Benedetto Guitars is going to kill two birds with one string Saturday night — playing a gig and publicizing his brand by bringing along a heap of Benedettos for his collabs to play. The other guitarists on the bill are Bill Lancton (official Guitar Summit coordinator), Frank Steans, Sandy Williams, with Scott Pazera on bass and Greg Artry on drums.
Special thanks to Dr. “Jazzy” Jack Harris for his participation and loaning the Benedetto Guitars from his collection! (shown below in front of the Jazz Kitchen)
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