This is only the third Benedetto Bass we’ve made since opening the doors in Savannah in 2006.  It is based on the BENNY model body style and chambers, with a mahogany body and neck, ebony fingerboard, and Gotoh tuners.  This one has a carved flame Maple top, a 34″ neck scale, and two passive BassLines pickups.  It has a custom Blue Blaze top.  Very limited production. Our very own Andy Paul (Howard’s son and namesake of the popular ANDY Model) is a jazz bassist and the proud owner of this one.  He currently performs with his school’s big band on both electric and upright bass and with the occasional pickup rock band made up of middle schoolers.  Tested and blessed by Savannah bass legend Ben Tucker!

BG’s Mascot Mercer insisted on being in this Photo Op 🙂

[No animals (or basses!) were harmed in the making of this picture.]

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