This group shot of guitars in finish on March 22, 2012 (photo by our own Stephanie Ward) includes a One-off ANDY [far right]. While the standard model is discontinued, we had two ANDYs that were in the works some time ago that we decided to finish up. They will receive nitrocellulose lacquer High Gloss finishes and professional series colors. This first ANDY is a Black finish with Black hardware. We expect it to arrive on our Boutique page in about 30 days [UPDATE 3-30-12 – SOLD!!]. The ANDY Model is a real rarity: they are almost never seen on the pre-owned guitar market. We only built eighty during the life of the project and only have these last two under construction. The model is otherwise completely discontinued. Price will be $4000 including a custom gigbag and one-off certificate.  HOWARD PAUL

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