From our good friend and the amazing guitarist BILL PURSE, donning Bob’s apron from the NATIONAL GUITAR MUSEUM exhibit in Pittsburgh. (Bill has had a thing for Bob’s shop apron since NAMM 2008 – see his website for the tell-tale photo).

Your exhibit is amazing in the “Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World” Museum and I have been working with the Carnegie Science Center doing solo concerts and one with Joe Negri.





(We’ll forgive Bill for not performing on his BAMBINO DELUXE in the above photo.)

Photo credit by uber-creative Lynn Emberg Purse.

See Bill’s Benedetto Player Profile and the Museum’s Facebook page.

And please always check on the Benedetto Guitars Facebook page maintained by Howard Paul!

Special thanks again to the Museum’s Founder and Executive Director Harvey Newquist for making this all happen!

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