Not sure about all of you but I needed something soothing to post after changing all the clocks in the house: (microwave says to press “User Pref” pad, press #5, enter correct time by entering numbers in sequence [is there any other way?] and then Press ‘Start enter +30 Sec’ pad… huh?  Anyway, it worked and I have that page in the manual dog-eared for next year.

Then it was the stove/range which has different instructions (same mfgr.)…this one I could relate to: Press ‘Set Clock’, Enter time, Press ‘Start’. [It worked!]

Thank god the washer and dryer don’t have clocks but the car clock is another story…

It had to do with pushing DISP on the steering wheel [DISP reminds me of Disposition and not Display but maybe that’s just me…] then you have to hold that button down till CLOCK appears and go from there…I was on a mission to get that *#Y@*!*@!  clock changed and I did. [oh yeah, that page is definitely dog-eared with a bright yellow post-it.]

My favorite was the old fashioned one in the kitchen….I simply turned the hands an hour earlier (I don’t care if it breaks the clock at this point in my life unless that’s an old wives tale [no comment]….I like the simplicity).

Now I’m listening to a Perry Como Christmas CD to calm down. I know it’s early but I love what I love.

For our Friends and Loved ones who are suffering due to Hurricane Sandy, our hearts are with you and hope your life is restored to where the biggest stress on any given day is changing the time electronically twice a year.

Thinking of all of you,

Cindy, Bob & Howard


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