On FRIDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2013 – 4 pm EST

Jazz Pianist Lenore Raphael and Howard Alden will be broadcast live and in concert from the Orlando studios of WUCF.FM 89.9FM

This will be recorded. In-studio Audience is welcome.

Listen in at 89.9FM or stream by going to  Click “Listen Now”.

WUCF. FM is located at 4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Communications Building 75
Suite 130 Orlando, FL. 32816 tel. 407-823-0899

The great reviews keep coming in for Lenore Raphael/Howard Alden “Loverly” CD

[Howard Alden’s] clean, fluid lines and incredible technique have impressed audiences worldwide. Meeting on Lenore Raphael’s jazz radio show, Lenore Raphael’s JazzSpot, the two found a mutual connection in their lyricism, incredible technique and love for the music. Raphael has been critically acclaimed as one of the most swinging mainstream jazz pianists today. (She is featured in the current issue of Steinway Magazine, Issue TWO 2012)
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