Bill Purse with Benedetto Bambino Dlx 7stg photo by LynnPurse.com



I adore this photo…autumn leaves are good for the soul all year round!

This lush image of Duquesne University‘s Guitar Maestro BILL PURSE (with his personal Bambino Deluxe 7-String) was taken by his lovely (and uber-talented!) wife Lynn Purse, also a musician, educator at Duquesne and an Artist.

A wonderful note about the photo per Bill: This is a gorgeous maple tree right outside of our house and it is the same color as my wonderful 7 string Benedetto guitar.  When it is this spectacular color I go outside and play Jazz standards for the tree.  Lynn took the photo while I was performing for nature; it is called the Ridgewood Fall Festival.  I do it for a day when it is just right each fall.

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Photo by lynnpurse.com  (Thanks, Lynn!)

Click here to see Bill Purse at the National Guitar Museum

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