Joe Cassano and Joe Cassano with Bravo Christmas 2013 newsJoeCassanoBenedettoVWsign news1Had to print this entire letter it’s so great!

Hi Howard, Attached is a picture of me, my dad (also Joe Cassano) and the Benedetto Bravo he so generously gave to me.  This was his second Benedetto (he also had a Benedetto Bambino Deluxe).  I am very proud to own this guitar and feel like I am part of a really great club!

My dad has been playing for 56 years and I have been playing for the last 30 years (though nowhere near as good as my dad!).  My son Owen (5 years old), has taken a strong interest in the guitar and my dad and I couldn’t be happier about that! My jazz guitar life has only been approximately 7 months, however I have found a terrific teacher, Eric Divito and I am really improving daily.

I am looking forward to a lifetime of jazz guitar on my Benedetto Bravo!!!  I love it! Thank you for answering my questions the other day!

Regards, Joe Cassano 12-30-13

NOTE: The photo with the VW is Joe Cassano (Sr.) who created that sign for one of the Classic American Guitar Shows on Long Island back in the ’90s!

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