Smithsonian Institution April 2006 Bob Benedetto with Howard Paul Gary Sturm Pizzarelli 7-string newsBucky Pizzarelli with Benedetto 7string 1978 donated to Smithsonian4-06 165Bill and Lori Doyle with Bucky Pizzarelli Smithsonian April 2006John Pizzarelli and Bob Benedetto Smithsonian April 2006Pizzarelli Family 2006 Smithsonian Institution with namesSmithsonian Group Photo April 2006 with Bucky Pizzarelli 1978 7-stringSmithsonian Institution Bucky Pizzarelli Randall Kremer with Benedetto 7-string and DanElectroFlashback Friday to April 2006 at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History

Howard Paul, Gary Sturm and Bob Benedetto examine Bucky Pizzarelli‘s 1978 Benedetto 7-String #1678, now part of the museum’s permanent musical instrument collection. (Far Left: Jerry Sims looks on)

Bucky Pizzarelli with his 1978 Benedetto 7-String/Bill and Lori Doyle with Bucky/John Pizzarelli plays his father’s 7-String and talks with Bob Benedetto/The Pizzarelli Family: Ann, Mary, Bucky, John, Ruth & Martin/Group Photo with Jerry Sims, Bill Doyle, Howard Paul, Bob Benedetto, Martin, John & Bucky Pizzarelli, Randall Kremer and Gary Sturm.

randallkremerhostsjackjimmyva99concertSpecial thanks (always!) to Randall Kremer who made all this possible!

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