Jazz great Jack Wilkins at Birdland 2014 performing on his Benedetto FratelloLong-time Benedetto Player JACK WILKINS is one of several living legends honored in this July 2014 article Living Legends of Jazz by Ralph Miriello, highlighting great musicians who have reached “their 70th birthday and have greatly contributed to the canon of music, keeping the spirit and tradition of music alive.”

Once again Notes on Jazz is proud to carry on its tradition of compiling and publishing the annual “Fourth of July Living Legend of Jazz” feature. This is the fifth such compilation, a yearly reminder and a joyful celebration of the artistry and longevity of jazz artists that have been living in our midst. Every year we are surprised at some familiar new members who have entered into the ranks of the Living Legends. The standards are simple: induct any musician, working or retired who has reached their 70th birthday and has contributed to the canon of the music, keeping the spirit and tradition of the music alive.

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