S2252 GA35 VB_Crew2_MarkTempleton_022415

L to R: Phil Archibald, Kaleb Fitting, Rick Cervone, Master Luthier Damon Mailand, Mark Saylor, and Steve Holzknecht

This violinburst GA-35 is on its way to its new home, and we know its new owner is going to love this exceptional instrument!  It takes a group effort at Benedetto to build our Professional Series guitars, and this GA-35 was no exception.  We are only sorry that our Master Finisher Larry Perkins wasn’t here the day this photo was taken, as he makes such a huge contribution to all our works of art.


S2252 GA35 VB_BC2_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_BF3_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_FC7_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_FV7_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_FH1_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_FF1_MarkTempleton_022415S2252 GA35 VB_Lb1_MarkTempleton_022415

S2252 GA35 VB_BH3_MarkTempleton_022415

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