S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_FF4_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_BF2_DesmondKitSee_030515

This beautiful custom Bambino Elite in Opulent Brown finish features some special inlay work requested by the customer: “Le Rose” inlaid in mother of pearl on the truss rod cover; a rose in mother of pearl on the tailpiece, and two leaves in mother of pearl on the third and fifth frets. The Bambino Elite is a 14-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ lower bout, select European tonewoods, sans binding (like our La Venezia model), a built-in B6 pickup, and a violin style Benedetto tailpiece with endpin input.

This is the most petit and elegant of our Flagship models!

S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_FB1_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_BH1_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_BV2_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_FB1_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_FH4_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_Lbl2_DesmondKitSee_030515S2233 BambinoEliteLtOB_TP2_DesmondKitSee_030515

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