Steve Knight on Benedetto 16-B NYC Oct 2014While there is room to dispute the data collection methodology of Nielsen’s 2014 Year-End Report, the message ought to be clear: without active measures from musicians, educators, school administrators, community jazz organizations, and various public trusts…jazz will eventually go away.

“According to Nielsen‘s 2014 Year-End Report, jazz is continuing to fall out of favor with American listeners and has tied with classical music as the least-consumed music in the U.S., after children’s music.*

Both jazz and classical represent just 1.4% of total U.S. music consumption a piece. However, Classical album sales were higher for 2014, which puts Jazz at the bottom of the barrel.”

The Jazzline News

It might be an uphill battle, but all of us who love jazz and recognize its importance to our national identy should be working HARD to preserve it!

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