Dynamic DuoThis pair of Benedettos, a Bambino Deluxe and a Custom 16B wood binding w/upgraded European woods and honey blonde finish, are on their way to a very happy customer in South Carolina!

The customer wanted both a laminated smaller body guitar (14-1/2″ x 2-1/4″) for travel and louder gigs, and a carved but comfortable (16″ x 2-1/2″) guitar for home, recording, and nicer venues.

Order yours now for a guaranteed Christmas delivery!

S2260 16B Butterscotch_BV3_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_FC4_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_BC1_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_FV6_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_FF4_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_BF2_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_Lbl1_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_FH2_Kirkpatrick_032715S2260 16B Butterscotch_BH4_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_FHJ4_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_BH3_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_Lbl1_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_FV1_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_FC4_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_FF3_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_BC1_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_BF3_Kirkpatrick_032715S2254 BambinoDlxNat_FV3_Kirkpatrick_032715

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