S2264 PatMartinoBLK_FR1_AndresFernandez_041415

This beautiful black Pat Martino Signature Model is headed to Spain!

This guitar model took nearly a year of collaboration between Bob and Pat to develop the perfect instrument for Pat to use every single day on the road, in the studio, while conducting clinics, and while composing new music and revisiting the classics. A very light weight, chambered mahogany body, carved maple top, fast ebony fingerboard, and two A6 Benedetto pickups with dual volume and tone controls, make this instrument specific to Pat’s exacting needs: all without losing the Benedetto pedigree, uncompromising workmanship, and unmatched balance and tonal performance. Available with Pat’s signature inlaid on the fingerrest, Pat’s famously heavy-gauge strings, and this one in one of his favorite finishes – Black on Black.
S2264 PatMartinoBLK_FC4_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_BC3_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_FF5_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_BF4_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_BH4_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_FH1_AndresFernandez_041415S2264 PatMartinoBLK_BC1_AndresFernandez_041415

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