S2257 GA35 LtAB_Lbl9_MartinBick_042115This beautiful GA-35 is on the way to sunny Southern California! Built with all standard appointments including two A6 pickups, a flamed maple top and figured mahogany chambered body, ebony fingerboad with our floral inlay motif throughout, and gold hardware.

Simply stunning!

S2257 GA35 LtAB_FC6_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_BC1_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_FF4_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_BF2_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_FH5_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_BH4_MartinBick_042115S2257 GA35 LtAB_FV2_MartinBick_042115

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