S2256 BennyVB_FC3_DanFaehnle_042115

It’s not uncommon for our guitarists to keep coming back for more!

This beautiful new Benny, which will join two other of our models, is in route to jazz guitar great/Benedetto Player Dan Faehnle. Dan tours the world with Pink Martini and was formerly part of Diana Krall’s quartet. He also plays a custom 16B and Bravo Deluxe.

The Benny is our chambered mahogany solid body with carved spruce top and two A6 pickups.

S2256 BennyVB_FV11_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_FV9_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_FH3_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_BH6_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_FF1_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_BF4_DanFaehnle_042115S2256 BennyVB_BC1_DanFaehnle_042115

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