PMartino2If you live in Europe, and you’ve been waiting for your chance to see jazz great Pat Martino, now may be your chance.  Today, Benedetto Player Pat Martino launches his European tour, the dates and locations are as follows:

May 7th in Bonn, Germany
May 8th in Stuttgart, Germany
May 9th in Mainz, Germany
May 11th and 12th in London, UK
May 13th in Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 14th in Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 18th in Rheinfelden, Switzerland

For ticket information, click HERE.

Pat plays a “Pat Martino signature” Benedetto model. Pat’s wife ‘Aya frequently accompanies Pat, originally with her Bambino Deluxe model, but currently with a “Pat Martino signature” Benedetto, too.

Photography by the great Rick Finkelstein, who plays a Benedetto Bravo model.

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