S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_FV3_KennyWunder_060915The Bravo Deluxe 7-String is always going to be beautiful, but this custom order Aquamarineburst finish takes our breath away!

The color is right between our Blueburst and our lovely Emerald Green. All of our finishes are mixed and applied by hand by the keen eye of master finisher Larry Perkins, and the woods can take on different hues. The results are unique and stunning! And, the guitar is a workhorse gigging machine!

Photos by our own Stephanie Ward.

S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_FV1_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_FC2_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_FF3_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_BF4_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_BC1_KennyWunder_060915S2255 16B VB_FH5_EdBenson_052115S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_BH4_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_BV4_KennyWunder_060915S2270 BravoDlx7S AMB_BV2_KennyWunder_060915

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