S2250 PatMartinoBLK_FV2_EarlRexrode_041615This black-on-black Pat Martino Signature model is finished and packed and ready to ship to its new home in Virginia! We take tremendous pride in adhering to the very exact specifications Bob Benedetto and Pat developed for Pat’s own personal guitar when we build each new Pat Martino Signature model, BUT we also give players the opportunity to customize. In the case of this guitar, we added a Piezo pickup system to the bridge and modified the electronic to the customer’s specifications.

If you’re interested in owning a Benedetto, plan ahead…orders take about 8 months to build.

S2250 PatMartinoBLK_FH1_EarlRexrode_041615 S2250 PatMartinoBLK_BH4_EarlRexrode_041615 S2250 PatMartinoBLK_FC4_EarlRexrode_041615 S2250 PatMartinoBLK_FF6_EarlRexrode_041615

S2250 PatMartinoBLK_BF4_EarlRexrode_041615

S2250 PatMartinoBLK_BC3_EarlRexrode_041615
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