S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FC4_DinoBalduci_071515

Last week, we shipped this Bravo Deluxe to Italy! This beautiful guitar features a custom inlay on both the tailpiece and fingerrest, a rich light opulent brown finish, and lovely flamed maple veneer back, solid sides and neck. The Bravo Deluxe includes a B6 pickup.

Hear a demo of the Bravo Deluxe model below:

S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_TP4_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FrTp2_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FV5_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_Lbl1_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FR1_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FH2_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_BH2_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_FF3_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_BF1_DinoBalduci_071515S2281 BravoDlxLtOB_BV1_DinoBalduci_071515

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