S2285 ManhattanNATwine_BV2_MichaelAmoruso_081815 S2285 ManhattanNATwine_FR6_MichaelAmoruso_081815 S2285 ManhattanNATwine_FH4_MichaelAmoruso_081815Damon and MikeThis magnificent 7-string Manhattan model features our finest European flamed maple back, sides, binding and neck, European spruce top, 17″ hand carved, X-braced body, B7 suspended pickup, and a lush Miner Wine infused finish on the back, sides, and neck. The customer requested some delicate inlay, hidden tone and volume wheels, and Hoffee carbon fiber case. Huge sound and extraordinary balance.

Mike came in from New York with his family to pick up his guitar. Here he’s pictured with Master Luthier Damon Mailand.

S2285 ManhattanNATwine_FF7_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_BF2_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_FC6_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_BC3_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_BH1_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_FV5_MichaelAmoruso_081815S2285 ManhattanNATwine_Lbl4_MichaelAmoruso_081815

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