S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_FV5_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815When life gives you lemons, you make a guitar with a lemon-cello (limoncello) finish!

This custom order chambered solid body guitar was built for seasoned player/TV personality/record producer/composer James Anthony in Ontario, Canada.

It’s essentially Pat Martino body depth with beveled upper bout, Benny pickups and wiring configuration, and Bambino Deluxe sound holes! It has a flamed maple carved top, and a figured mahogany body and neck. Light weight, comfortable, and highly versatile.

S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_FC2_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_BC2_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_FF1_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_BF3_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_FH2_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_BH3_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_Lbl2_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815S2284 Benny (Ben-Bino) Limon-Cello_Jared_JamesAnthonyPecchia_081815

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