In 1993, Bob made this 18″ custom Manhattan non-cutaway (#30393) for Tom Van Hoose or, as we called him then, “Super Tom” (for his famous collection of Super 400s). After it was finished, we decided it would make a great Prototype and we called that Prototype the “Americana”. We were working on our book ‘Making an Archtop Guitar’ at the time and indicated it as such in the serial number list in the rear of the book.

Ironically, we never took an order for one but we ‘resurrected’ the name for the Americana model that we now make in Savannah as we still love the name after 18 years. A little bit of history for Flashback Friday!

Tom Van Hoose at his home in Dallas, Texas, 1993, wrote the Foreword for ‘Making an Archtop Guitar’.

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