S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_FF1_ArnieHetzel_091815This is a custom Bambino Deluxe with a highly flamed top, back, sides, and neck (upgrades from standard plain espresso), 7-string 2-1/16 nut width, B7 pickup, black hardware, and our beautiful autumnburst finish. Just shipped off to a very happy (and patient) customer.

S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_FC5_ArnieHetzel_091815S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_BC2_ArnieHetzel_091815S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_BF1_ArnieHetzel_091815S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_FV1_ArnieHetzel_091815S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_FH2_ArnieHetzel_091815S2297 BambinoDlx7S AUB_BH2_ArnieHetzel_091815

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