S2299 BambinoAB_FC4_TimothyLehiPeters_100615This antiqueburst Bambino is en route to California – we shipped it out this week! This model guitar is lightweight and compact with a 14-½” making it easily manageable when traveling. It features a laminated maple top and back, a maple neck shaped for playing comfort as only a Benedetto can be. With two chrome plated Benedetto A–6 pickups, it’s all you’ll ever need!

S2299 BambinoAB_FV2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_FC4_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BC2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BF2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_BH3_TimothyLehiPeters_100615S2299 BambinoAB_FH2_TimothyLehiPeters_100615

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