S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FV5_100915We’re sneaking this red beauty into Bob’s Boutique hot on the heels of the Bamboono we made available last week! 16″ x 2-1/2″ with 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut, B6 pickup, maple neck, laminated back, solid sides and a laminated spruce top with a non-standard Claret finish — a gorgeous dark red, similar to wine (which we love as you know)! $6500 includes hard shell case.

Contact Jared at or 912.692.1400 to purchase.

S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FF5_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BF4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FC5_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BC4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_FH1_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BH4_100915S2298 BravoDlxDeepClaret(BB)_BV1_100915

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