S2300 BravoNat7sLH_FC4_ChristopherKaukali_101915This lefty 7-string Bravo Deluxe has a beautiful natural finish that highlights the maple flaming on this guitar. Deluxe binding and a B6 pickup, it’s headed to the hands of Christopher in Salt Lake City, Utah.

S2300 BravoNat7sLH_FF2_ChristopherKaukali_101915S2300 BravoNat7sLH_BF1_ChristopherKaukali_101915S2300 BravoNat7sLH_FV3_ChristopherKaukali_101915S2300 BravoNat7sLH_BV1_ChristopherKaukali_101915S2300 BravoNat7sLH_FH1_ChristopherKaukali_101915S2300 BravoNat7sLH_BH2_ChristopherKaukali_101915
S2300 BravoNat7sLH_Lbl1_ChristopherKaukali_101915

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