S2320 BennyNATCustom_FV11_TroyCook_020216This is a highly unusual collaborative piece that took several years to come to fruition! A customer contacted us and asked if we would be willing to build an instrument with some coveted, highly figured mahogany that had been in his possession for many years. He’d built his own instrument with some of it, and had used some for other specialized projects, but he really wanted it incorporated into his dream Benedetto. We took receipt of the wood and stored it in our climate controlled drying room for a time to make sure it was stable, then used it to produce the carved top of this spectacular “Ben-bino” Model! Using a Benny body made of ribbon-figured African mahogany and a mahogany neck, we carved the customer’s mahogany for the top, and included Bambino-style sound holes, two black A6 Benedetto Pickups and black tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece. The result is a stunning, versatile and lightweight chambered solid body Benedetto with a great story!

S2320 BennyNATCustom_Lbl8_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FH4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FF6_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FC15_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BV1_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BH4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BF4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BC4_TroyCook_020216

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