S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV9_PatMartino_020916Pat Martino’s newest guitar is, of course, a Benedetto Pat Martino Model, but with a new walnut-stained highly flamed maple top. Other than the new color (Pat’s personal choice) the instrument is contructed entirely to our PM specs.

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S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV10_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV5_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FH5_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FF7_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FC4_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BV4_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BH6_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BF1_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BC1_PatMartino_020916

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