S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FV3_MikiMusical_021816This Pat’s a black beauty! Just completed and headed to Japan, this Pat Martino Signature Model was meticulously built to the legendary guitarist’s exact specifications.

Carved maple top, chambered mahogany body, 24-5/8 scale, 1-11/16 nut, tune-o-matic bridge, A6 pickups, and in the oh-so-sleek black finish!

All in all, it makes for a stunning guitar with a distinctly warm and impactful sound!

S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FV1_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FR4_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FH3_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FF7_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_FC1_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_BH1_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_BF7_MikiMusical_021816 S2335 PatMartinoBlk_BC3_MikiMusical_021816

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