S2313 BravoHB_FC5_LeandroPellegrino_022316This Bravo Model with a honey blonde top, A6 pickup, and custom tailpiece is on its way to Boston, MA and new Benedetto player Leandro Pellegrino! Leandro hails from Brazil where he earned a degree in composition, is a Berklee grad, and won the Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Competition. He also shares a Grammy for his recording of “Beautiful Life” with Dianne Reeves. Welcome to the Benedetto Family, Leandro!

S2313 BravoHB_Tlpc1_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_Lbl4_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_FV7_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_FV5_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_FH3_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_FF3_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_BH6_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_BF4_LeandroPellegrino_022316 S2313 BravoHB_BC4_LeandroPellegrino_022316


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