S2310 PatMartinoBlk_FC2_RichCollibee_030716This sleek all black Pat Martino Model is complete, inspected, packed and on its way to Massachusetts!

Chambered solid mahogany body, carved maple top and mahogany neck, this beautiful instrument is built exactly to Pat’s specs, with one slight variation – a plain fingerrest that doesn’t feature Pat’s John Hancock like the standard “PM signature model.

S2310 PatMartinoBlk_FV5_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_FH1_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_FF7_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_BV3_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_BH3_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_BF6_RichCollibee_030716 S2310 PatMartinoBlk_BC4_RichCollibee_030716

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