S2331 16B AB_FC2_GeorgEnz_033016Our 16B model brings back a little nostalgia with the body lines of Bob’s custom-made 16″ guitars from the 1990s. This is the pattern that graced guitars made for Bucky Pizzarelli, Joe Diorio, Ron Eschete, Howard Alden, Jimmy Bruno, Chris Standring, John Pizzarelli and other world-class players and esteemed customers. It borrows its binding package, headstock shape, tuners and EPS tailpiece from the Bravo Deluxe, and the A-6 built-in gold pickup from the Bravo model. The inlaid “Benedetto” logo is abalone. It is the most gig-friendly carved guitar in our line, remarkably responsive and feedback resistant. And, in our classic Antiqueburst!

Photos by Stephanie Ward.

S2331 16B AB_Lbl4_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_FV5_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_FH13_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_FF4_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_BV3_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_BH6_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_BF2_GeorgEnz_033016 S2331 16B AB_BC1_GeorgEnz_033016

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