S2334 16B AB_FH18_SijiNumokawa_040416Sayonara!

This antiqueburst 16B is a stunning custom order utilizing fine select European tone woods, upgraded wood binding, A6 gold pickup, EPS tailpiece, Gotoh tuners, and an custom lotus flower inlay on the headstock, the back of which is hand signed by Bob Benedetto. Our 16B has become an enormously popular option for guitarists looking for a more accessible version of a hand-carved Benedetto. This one is on its way to Japan where one very excited customer awaits!

Photos by Stephanie Ward

S2334 16B AB_Lbl6_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_FV7_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_FF1_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_FC1_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_BV1_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_BH8_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_BF2_SijiNumokawa_040416 S2334 16B AB_BC1_SijiNumokawa_040416

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