S2354 16B Blonde_FV5_RomeroLubambo_051116This honey blonde 16B is custom made for jazz/Brazilian guitar great Romero Lubambo! It feature highly flamed European maple back, side, neck and binding, traditional f-holes, ebony nut, a Benedetto B6 and Barbara piezo bridge pickup.

Romero travels the world with Diane Reeves, his brilliant Trio De Paz and as sideman to some of the world’s greatest artists. He’s also featured on the final front cover of Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

Check out this video of him playing when he visited Benedetto a few months back to select his guitar.

S2354 16B Blonde_Lbl7_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_FH9_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_FF3_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_FC8_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_BV3_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_BH5_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_BF3_RomeroLubambo_051116 S2354 16B Blonde_BC5_RomeroLubambo_051116 Photos by Stephanie Ward

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