S2357 16B Florentine_FC3_LeslieFish_061616This is one of the most exciting guitars we produced recently: Custom ordered 16B size but featuring a light Antiqueburst finish on a Florentine cutaway body, traditional bound F-holes, our Fratello inlay on the fingerboard, and a B6 pickup. This looks and feels wonderfully traditional, but is acoustically powerful and projective with a stunning electric warmth and responsiveness. We’ve kept the 16B deluxe binding package, tailpiece and Gotoh tuners on this one. Sold and shipped to very savvy customer in Massachusetts, but we’re going to offer a limited number of these models built to order ($13.5K).


S2357 16B Florentine_Lbl2_LeslieFish_061616S2357 16B Florentine_FV8_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_FH7_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_FF2_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_FC10_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_BH4_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_BF1_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_BC3_LeslieFish_061616 S2357 16B Florentine_BC2_LeslieFish_061616 Photography by Stephanie Ward

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