S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_BH9_IvoVelazco_062416The quintessential jazz guitar, the Manhattan, has become the signature model of the Benedetto archtop line, consisting of only the finest materials, designs and craftsmanship, including the Benedetto fine–lined binding package, unbound ebony fingerrest and Benedetto cello–style tailpiece. Imitated but never equaled, and combined with a custom ordered funky purple burst finish… This is quite the guitar!

S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_FF6b_IvoVelazco_062416S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_FH5_IvoVelazco_062416S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_FC4b_IvoVelazco_062416

S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_BH9_IvoVelazco_062416

S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_BF6_IvoVelazco_062416

S2358 ManhattanPurpleBurst_BF5_IvoVelazco_062416 PHOTOS BY STEPHANIE WARD

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