Bob Benedetto Damon Mailand Howard Paul Benedetto Guitars Savannah GA 6-4-14 newsWe are very happy to announce that Acoustic Guitar Magazine is publishing an article by celebrated writer and professor Mark Ari. Look for the August or September issue! Thanks, Ari!

Arguably, the finest archtop guitars in the world are crafted within spitting distance of Jax, at Benedetto Guitars in Savannah, Georgia. From left to right in the photo are Bob Benedetto, master luthier; Damon Mailand, master luthier; and Howard Paul, CEO, President, and master guitar player. Yup, that’s a hell of a lot of mastery. 

I first visited Benedetto Guitars a couple of years ago when my son, Noah, and I were on our Wood and Water Tour, exploring luthiers and waterfalls throughout Georgia and the Carolinas. It was fun to go back and talk with Howard again. You can read my interview with him in an upcoming issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine Maybe August or September.

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