1995: Bob buffs a custom guitar for Earl Klugh at our East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania shop.

Per Bob: This is the first 14 1/2″ body I ever made, requested by Earl Klugh and Rik Jonna who together ordered ‘twin’ guitars. Earl arrived at that size as he wanted something similar in size to a classical guitar, which he was accustomed to playing.

After I made them, Howard Alden had seen Earl playing it somewhere and asked for one himself, in a 7-string version, but using the same body pattern. He loved the idea of having a smaller, easy to travel with guitar.

That evolved to become the Bambino, first made when we were with Fender, and about the same time we created a Howard Alden model also made at Fender. Now here in Savannah we expanded the Bambino family to include a Bambino Deluxe and Bambino Elite.



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