S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FV7_080516The 16B is the most approachable gigging guitar we build with solid carved tonewoods. European spruce top and maple back sides and neck, all ebony appointments. 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut. This instrument has a custom Cinnamon Pearl finish, ruby recon-stone split-block inlay and face with MOP and abalone accents, B6 pickups and all black hardware. Stunning, responsive, punch and acoustically and electrically superb.

Price: $12,500 (includes custom Cedar Creek case)

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S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_Lbl5_080516S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_Inlay_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FH2_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FF2_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FC3_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FB1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BV1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BH1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BF3_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BC2_080516

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