S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FC8_080516Ready, set, ship!

This Birdseye one-off Benny model was destined for Bob’s Boutique, but someone savvy guitarist bought it first!

The Benny is a chambered Mahogany body 14-1/2″ x 2″ body with a carved top (Birdseye maple in this case), 25″ scale mahogany neck with 1-3/4″ nut, and two A6 pickups with a tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece.

Don’t fret! We have more ready-to-ship Benedettos in Bob’s Boutique!

Photos by Stephanie Ward

S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FV8_080516S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FV2_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BC4_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FH1_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FC8_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BF1_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BH6_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BV5_080516

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