S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_FF1_DaveMiner_082316 swThis is the ninth in an amazing series of jazz guitars commissioned for vintner and Benedetto partner David Miner, celebrating the shared passion of wine making and guitar making with Bob Benedetto for the last 13 years. This Cremona has a 17″ X-braced European spruce and our most select European maple back, sides and neck, walnut burl face and heal, leopardwood binding, snakewood tuner buttons, ebony tailpiece, fingerrest, splitblock MOP inlays, S6 pickup, and a rich winestained back, sides and neck using 2012 Miner Benedetto Signature Cabernet Sauvignon. This guitar celebrates the release of 2013 Benedetto Cab! Handcarved by Damon Mailand and stained by Larry Perkins. Photos by Stephanie Ward.

S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_Tlpc10_DaveMiner_082316 swS2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_Lbl1_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_FV4_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_FH2_DaveMiner_082316 sw
S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_FC1_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_FB2_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_BV1_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_BH2_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_BF4_DaveMiner_082316 sw S2369 CremonaVinodettoIX_BC1_DaveMiner_082316 sw

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