S2368HP 16B 7S_FV6_HowardPaul_082216This stunning 7-string 16″ guitar is based on Bob’s original “little 7-string” built in 1995 for Jimmy Bruno. It features an asymmetrical headstock, European spruce top with maple back, sides and neck, ebony appointments throughout, traditional F-holes, flame maple binding, and a B7 pickup. The back, sides and neck were stained (along side of Dave Miner’s Vinodetto IX) with 2012 Benedetto Signature Cabernet Sauvignon. Hand-carved by Damon Mailand, stained by Larry Perkins, and photographed by Stephanie Ward.

S2368HP 16B 7S_FH7_HowardPaul_082216S2368HP 16B 7S_FF9_HowardPaul_082216 S2368HP 16B 7S_FC9_HowardPaul_082216 S2368HP 16B 7S_BV2_HowardPaul_082216 S2368HP 16B 7S_BH2_HowardPaul_082216 S2368HP 16B 7S_BF4_HowardPaul_082216 S2368HP 16B 7S_BC1_HowardPaul_082216

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